All gen, all the time

All gen, all the time
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Buffyverse genfic community
Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your BtVS/Angel general fanfiction needs!

Rules/Posting Guidelines:

Rules/Posting Guidelines:

1.) All posts must be aimed at the purpose of general BtVS or AtS fanfiction. That means no pairings. Allusions to canon pairings are acceptable, since it's tough to avoid the building blocks that have already been set into place, but the main focus should be on the plot and/or characters. If you're unsure whether or not your story is suitable for the community, just contact the mods - we won't bite ;)

2.) What you can post: fanfiction of any length (drabbles, ficlets, oneshot, epics, etc.), recs, requests, WIPs, and crossovers. When posting crossovers, the focus must be on the Buffy or Angel series, and the story must fall under the category of GEN.

3.) When posting fiction, please mark everything accordingly. For example:

Subject Line: TITLE, Character 1, Character 2, etc. (or Ensemble if the list is lengthy)


Please put all fics longer than 100 words under a cut (this also includes teasers).

If you wish to post a banner graphic with your work, that's fine. Large images (greater than 300x300 pixels and/or 200 kb) behind a cut, please.

You may link to stories posted to your personal journal as long as the post is not locked and your link is directly to the post containing the fic.

When listing characters, please list your characters using , or &. For example: Willow & Xander NOT Willow/Xander. Thank you.

4.) PLEASE use tags. This makes it easier for the readers who are looking for certain type of fanfiction.

For more information on how to tag, see here. A complete list of tags for the community can be found here.

5.) This community was started with the intention of giving these wonderful writers some well-deserved feedback. Be nice. Tell 'em what you thought. (Flamers will be sent to the W&H holding dimension to tango with S&M dude.)

6.) PLEASE make sure that your fic is properly formatted and spell-checked, and use a beta reader if needed.

7.) Posting old fics to the community is allowed, but in the interest of our friends lists, please avoid posting ALL of your twenty-five chapter fic in one day. If you have a whole bunch of gen fics you want to get out there, don't fret. Spread out your posts (for example, one chapter/story a day or thereabouts) or make just one post with links to all the chapters. Thank you.

Any questions or comments can be directed to any of the mods:

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to poke, prod, and eliminate all those who do not follow the guidelines. PLEASE read the rules before posting. They're there for a reason.

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